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Loving Our Communities to Christ (LC2C) is a Mission America Coalition initiative, calling the Church together into a prayer-care-share lifestyle and collaboration in evangelism within a city or community. LC2C offers a catalytic framework to create culture change in congregations across communities through believers working together in a prayer-care-share approach to change.

LC2C is tied into the mission of Lighthouse Ministries Inc. which is to improve the quality of lives of the less fortunate and most vulnerable in our communities through love, care, share, and use of social services. Our social service programs include provision of computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at-risk, underprivileged and economically disadvantaged youth the opportunities, through training, to lead independent and productive lives; preventive education regarding HIV/AIDS and alcohol, drug, and substance abuse to high-risk groups; intervention to combat child abuse and neglect; education and training to prevent violence against women and children; distribution of food and non-food items to those in need; and transportation assistance for the disabled, handicapped, or sick to medical errands. This includes devising training programs to reduce poverty, and social services initiatives in Africa to combat malaria, poverty, and HIV/AIDS.

This mission is carried out by our dedicated and selfless volunteer force whose outreach efforts will find, stabilize, and assist these less fortunate and most vulnerable in our communities. This is one of the primary focuses of our Loving Our Cities to Christ (LC2C) principles. Today, Lighthouse Ministries, Inc, a member of Mission America Coalition, is not only proclaiming the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and meeting the physical, psychological, emotional, and social needs of communities in America, but also reaching the people on the continent of Africa with the gospel as well as with various humanitarian and community development projects. Lighthouse Ministries, Inc operates through its network of dedicated and selfless volunteers who are determined to positively transform lives everyday.

This is our Mission and our calling. Jesus Christ called us to become fishers of men by proclaiming the gospel so that those who do not know Christ as Lord and personal Savior will come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Apart from our evangelistic ministry whose goal is to proclaim the gospel of reconciliation, Lighthouse Ministries, Inc also operates a humanitarian and social services initiative aimed at meeting the physical, psychological, emotional, and social needs of the less fortunate and most vulnerable in our communities. This action of care, love, and share is a clear demonstration of the teachings and life of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who went everywhere doing good and meeting the spiritual and physical needs of people. Our desire is to touch lives in America, and Africa and ultimately other parts of the globe. 

LC2C is a community-focused and collaborative approach geared to showing love and concern for people in our communities and in the global community. In some communities our volunteers were seen mowing the lawn for others, baby sitting children, assisting at shelter homes, helping elders and seniors with managing daily activities, distributing food to children and adults, hosting a neighborhood barbeque, spearheading sports events, combating child abuse and neglect, educating young people about the danger of drug, alcohol, and substance abuse, transporting the sick and disabled to hospitals and medical appointments, praying for others, sharing the good news of Christ, raising funds to provide scholarships for refugees, promoting strategies to eliminate violence against women and children, among others. All of our services are provided free of charge to communities. At Lighthouse Ministries, Inc., we take time; make time, to be the caring people God wants us to be. This is our mission. And together we can positively transform lives.



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