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Our Programs and Services:



Our programs and services are divided into two main broad categories:



1.      Evangelism

Ř      Gospel Tracts & Free Bibles– are excellent resources for spreading the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Free Bibles distribution & Gospel Tracts contain messages of hope, love and encouragement to bring relief and joy as well as messages telling of the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.



Ř      Mission – is designed to carry messages of hope, redemption, care, and reconciliation to Africa. It also entails gospel tract distribution, evangelism, and carrying out various humanitarian and development projects.



2.      Human and Social Services

Ř      Assist vulnerable elders with managing daily activities – This program assist community-dwelling elders to accomplish some of their daily activities and independent-living needs, such as preparing meals, house cleaning, transportation, and running some errands on their behalf.


Ř      Distribute food to children and adults at risk – This program assists children and vulnerable adults with food distribution. Vulnerability includes homelessness, medically at risk, developmentally disadvantaged, lack of personal care or accommodation, disabled, handicapped or sick, in need of community assistance due to qualifying life event, and other criteria. This program is available in America and Africa.

Copyright: 2007 WFP/Susan Schulman


Photo shows hungry child in Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, at makeshift shelters.

Photo: WFP/Susan Schulman

This is an example of social crises that Lighthouse Ministries, Inc. is striving to minimize by making available needed food to help needy and poor families both in America and in Africa. For us, this is a passion and a call to action through concerted efforts and partnerships.



     Lighthouse Ministries, Inc. distributes food and mosquito bed nets to needy families in West Africa , Guinea.     
          The nets protect against  mosquitoes bites which caused malaria. The disease kills up to 20% of the population 
          including children.   Photo: Lighthouse Ministries, Inc.



Ř      Combat child abuse and neglect – This program institutes services and initiatives that help to prevent child abuse and neglect and promote and advocate for healthy and safe child development both in America & Africa.


 Children in Africa that benefit from our social services. Photo: Lighthouse Ministries, Inc.



Ř      Educate young people about drug, alcohol, and substance abuse – This program educates young people about the danger of drug, alcohol, and substance abuse. Its primary focus is on prevention and deterrence. Referral is also a subset of this initiative.


Ř      Transport the sick and disabled to medical errands – This program assists the sick, handicapped and disabled to hospital, doctor visits, and other medically necessary errands.


Ř      Scholarship program for vulnerable refugees – This program helps to provide limited scholarships to vulnerable refugees to pursue short-term or long-term training opportunities. Scholarship is need-based and established on eligibility criteria.



Ř      Educate and promote initiates to eliminate violence against women and children – This program educates communities about violence against women and children. Some strategies for implementation include billboard warning signs, newspaper columns, advertisements, workshops, advocacies, and intervention to prevent and or eliminate violence against women and children.



Ř      Education against HIV/AIDS & other sexually transmitted diseases – This program helps to educate at risk groups on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases prevention. The benefit of abstinence is highlighted. This program is available in America and Africa.

Some of the children that do need our services: Photo: LWAC Africa Networks.


Ř      Disaster Assistance Program - Lighthouse Ministries Disaster program strives to provide help to victims of disasters or other emergency hardship situations. These disasters may be caused by floods, fires, riots, storms, or similar large-scale events. Emergency hardship may be caused by illness, death, accident, violent crime, or other personal events. Our program may provide assistance in the form of funds, services, or goods to ensure that victims have the basic necessities, such as food, clothing, housing (including repairs), transportation, and medical assistance (including psychological counseling).The type of aid that is appropriate depends on the individual’s needs and resources.


Need help with meals, food, and clothing, click this link:



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